Aachen Christmas Market






The Christmas market was money well spent. It was fun and enjoyable and we had a large amount of freedom to just go off with our friends to go and spend as much money as we liked – that was the best bit. The only downside was the Eurotunnel as it was very hot.
Sebastian Cox 7S

Germany was filled with colourful lights and the shop windows were filled with Christmas decorations. The smell of frankfurters waffles, crepes etc. filled the air.
Me and my friends liked the trip because of the lovely shops and the Christmas spirit and the classic German Christmas food.
Lewis Blackledge and Patrick Curtis 7P

In the early Friday morning of the 2nd December 2011 lots of year 7s, a few year 8s and a few year 9s set off on their journey to Aachen, Germany. We were on our way to a fabulous Christmas market in Aachen. The journey was incredibly long, about 8 HOURS!!! When we arrived we were taken to our meeting point where we had to meet up every hour so the teachers knew that we were alright and not lost or hurt. After that we started our shopping spree around the streets of the market. Shopping went quickly as you know the saying ‘time flies when you’re having fun’. IT DEFINITETLY WAS A TRIP TO REMEMBER! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Austin Adams7S

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