Spelling Bee

May 2015 sees the launch of Rutlish's first MFL Spelling Bee competition for Year 7.

The Spelling Bee in class competition will take place in lesson time in the first week after half term.  You will have 90 seconds to spell as many German or French words as possible.  Your teacher will give you the English word which you will translate into German or French and then spell using the German or French alphabet.  The two highest scoring students from each group will compete in the final.  All finalists will be awarded house points and achievement points and the winner and runner up will be awarded additional prizes!

How to prepare:
- Learn all the vocabulary on the sheet, including the der/die/das or le/la/l'
- Practise the alphabet - you should be able to say it forwards, backwards and up side down!
- Test your friends - use a timer to see how many words you can get in 90 seconds and try to improve your score each time

See Ms Holloway if you'd like more information

List of French words

List of German words

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