Thai Buddhism Day at SOAS June 2016

In order to celebrate the Buddha's birthday this week, 14 year 8 students spent the day at SOAS university learning about Thailand and Buddhism.  The day covered many aspects of Thai culture including an introduction of Thai language (as well as how to avoid offending people when you introduce yourself, which is easily done!), an taste of Thai cooking, instruction on how to meditate and an insight into the ghosts and spirits which creep into daily life in Thailand.

IllumiNations Festival 2016 SOAS

10 Year 9 students were lucky enough to go to the 2016 IllumiNations Festival where they took part in language taster sessions as well as arts and crafts activities.

Japanese Day 5th May 2016 

10 Year 9 students took part in workshop introducing them to Japanese language and culture through the world of Japanese animation - anime. Students were able to not only develop their language and cultural awareness but also their drawing skills.

Nine budding artists and linguists from year nine attended a Japanese Day at SOAS on Tuesday 5th May.  The boys gained an insight into Japanese Manga and Anime, learnt how to introduce themselves in Japanese and  as well as a creating their own Japanese manga which they presented to the group at the end of the day.  It was a great day out and an interesting insight into studying Japanese language and culture at university.

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