Paris Summer 2013

Mrs Beckett and Mr Grant went 4 days to Paris with 13 students.

Day 1
The catacombs

Day 2
Eiffel Tower
Notre-Dame Cathedrale
Seine cruise

Day 3
Villette Park

Day 4
France Stadium

“ The Paris trip was absolutely brilliant, the landmarks were really good to see.
It was 4 days, a good length of time and teachers that went on the trip were very
kind and were friendly as well. The hotel was good, the journeys were interesting and the food was lovely. Thanks to Mrs Beckett and Mr Grant for organizing the trip. It was brilliant!”

Jack Oldbridge, 8A

“ The Paris trip was very fun! We saw some of Paris’ biggest landmarks.
For example, the Eiffel Tower. We stayed in a really nice hotel with a nice football pitch,
athletic track, beach volley-ball area and a tennis court. We had a big game of football !“
Jagun Meseorisa, 8A

“ I liked the trip in Paris because I saw lots of interesting sites like the Eiffel Tower and everything I would not have expected to see. I would recommend the trip
because it was fun, some of the food was great and Paris was full of cool stuff to
Cavin Coriette, 10T

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