Lille Christmas Market

Lille December 2014


Lille December 2013


Lille December 2012

“ I thought that the Christmas trip was a really good experience. I really liked all the shops and especially the Christmas market with the Ferris wheel and the giant Santa Claus. In the shopping mall, there was lots of stuff to choose from. There was not just one shop there was loads of shops in that one shopping center. The travel was quite long but worth it!”

Dilan-Ash Goolab, 7P

“ I found the French trip interesting and fun because we could put our practise
into test, asking people for things in the market. I recommend it being longer so we
have more time in France and can go back to the market and buy a bit more stuff.”
James Hawtin, 7C

“ The Lille trip was very good even though it was only one day. I and my fellow peers
both really enjoyed it despite having a really early start! It is an ok journey but
especially during winter, it makes a fantastic Christmassy scene. The market is very
good and the things to do are exciting and fun. Overall, the trip was very fun and
Jack Oldbridge, 8A

“ I really enjoyed this trip because it is one of the only trips that allows you to go
around with friends and do your own things. For me, this trip helped improve both
my French and my independence. I would recommend this trip to all year 7 and 8
studying French because it is a fun way to test out your French skills with other
Jay Canoville, 8T

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